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Are you tired of feeling terrified and overwhelmed trying to raise a child in this world?

You can enjoy freedom and peace of mind knowing you are PREPARED to keep your child safe - even when they're outside your immediate care. 

Trafficking, bullying, abuse, molestation, mental health, shootings - these are a few of the things that keep us up at night.
You're already a Mama Bear. We educate and empower you to become unapologetically Mama Bear PREPARED.

Imagine what you could do if you didn't doubt yourself. Here you will be empowered with all the things you didn't know you needed to know as well as all the many choices you didn't know you have.

Find focused and relevant content, courses, and coaching to quickly and conveniently get simple, straightforward solutions you feel good about, support to help you do what's necessary, and the security of confidently raising children to be PREPARED for the world we live in today. 

Take a deep breath, Mama. You can rest assured knowing you and your children on your way to becoming PREPARED in prevention, protection & defense in order to be unlikely and difficult targets for harm. 
Safe Content Happy PREPARED mother and baby


Prevention, Protection & Defense for Moms - by a Mom

The first & only training of its kind 

We aren't Powerless

Violence is predictable and preventable. We don't have hide at home or hold our breath hoping nothing happens. We can take intentional, proactive measures.

Being & Feeling Safe is Realistic

Weapons and strangers hardly cover all that harms women & children. We need skills that prevent the more common concerns and causes of trauma, too.

Our Kids are Capable

With the right tools, our children beginning as early as two, can become obnoxiously difficult to victimize by developing a Safety Plan that works. 

Change Can Start TODAY

We want our children to have certain, specific skills, but how do we teach what most don't know. Luckily, we can learn this stuff right alongside our kiddos!


My name is Carrie Conrad.

I'm the right kind of weird with the right kind of experience to be empowering moms to be and feel safe.  Mama Bear PREPARED is my life's work, and it's taken a lifetime of professional and personal experience to be just right here. 


It's a privilege and a pleasure to help you sleep well, knowing you are capable of protecting your children and raising them to be safe in today's world. 

Beating Disaster Founder Carrie Conrad

Christina - Eastpointe, MI

KeySlinger Training changed my life! Now I know that's a bold statement, but let me tell you why. I am more safe and secure going and leaving all of my daily activities. Parking garage at work - not a concern anymore. Grocery shopping with my kid - no worries. Not only can my KeySlinger accompany me to and from places it's also discreet and can travel past metal detectors. 


With this training I was able to learn skills I could immediately use after leaving.  The techniques are easily doable for even a petite person, like myself. Today I enjoy peace of mind and a greater sense of security from being well trained on how to protect myself.”​

Laura - Milford, MI

The information in the Mama Bear Membership has helped immensely! There are so many countless nuggets already that I can use to help. Before this, everything was weighing so heavy on me & so stressful! Now, I feel like I can take a deep breath.

Kyla - Mount Clemens, MI

“I finally have peace with my trauma after attending the Better Than Self Defense course. The instructor demonstrated phenomenal hands on learning skills and provided me the set of skills I was hoping to get after taking this.  I'm beyond grateful that I got to experience this freedom! I will definitely be coming back to learn more. I finally feel safe in my own skin.”​

Are you ready for the relief of seeing your home, your shopping and your neighborhood become safer?

The awesome part about training mothers specifically is that's how to make the most impact on our world.

With this investment in yourself, you not only increase your own safety and that of your children, but also your neighborhood, your child's school, the places you shop, and anywhere you go. This is one way we can and are excited to make a difference in the current state of the world today. 

We want to empower you with what's needed to build confidence, gain security and enjoy peace of mind.

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