Are you afraid of you or someone you love being victimized?

Whether you are looking to feel peace after your past or confident in your future the self defense training by Beating Disaster will give you the freedom to live life.  We will meet you exactly where you, as you are, and help you get to where you are feeling assured, capable and confident to go anywhere you want to be.  

Or We Can Come to You

The majority of training we provide is private.  Though based in Detroit we travel all over Michigan and beyond and easily set up just about anywhere.  Ready to schedule or not, we can email you the details answering all your questions on private training. 

Become confident by being introduced to your power!


Every so often, at least for a brief moment, most women do not feel safe.  Or maybe you are like the many who feel unsafe more often than not.  If you’re lucky the anxiety may be forgotten for some time, but all it takes is a walk to the car late night or bad vibes from unwanted attention from a stranger and then it’s back fresh again. 


Maybe you thought weapons were the solution, but after looking into it, carrying a gun every day comes with its own concerns.  Karate takes a ton of time and dedication as well as is a long term commitment - and too much exercise.  So you end up with some pepper spray or self defense key chains you may or may not know how to use. 

Whether you have a CPL, signed up for karate and/or carry pepper spray, the self defense training by Beating Disaster will replace your fear with FREEDOM.

Why Beating Disaster

We believe it's equally important to tell what we are not.  We do not come to you as MMA competitors.  We aren't teaching as police officers or military.  We are not karate masters.  We may hold those titles or have that experience, but we come to you to share what's relevant as fellow civilians - average Joes and Janes. 

We don't teach how to fight or get points.  Our self defense training is not martial arts.  We don't believe everyone needs to know how to kill enemies or subdue or arrest bad people. We are professionals passionate about training and coaching women, children and families how to prepare, avoid, deflect, deescalate, escape and defend against realistic threats.  Everything we offer is woman made as well as...

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We meet our clients exactly where they are and without judgment. We can and do accommodate any person with a desire to be more safe - no matter any physical limitations, disabilities or personal concerns.  Classes and training are sensitive to clients with PTSD and/or other special needs, and we often work with victims of various forms of violence.

​Any tool a person is unwilling to use is a useless tool. So we ask questions to find your perspective, thoughts, feelings and values in order to arm you with tools that are appropriate for your personal needs.

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Our training focuses on legitimate and actual threats. Though we do address the concern of strangers wearing a black hoodie in a dark alley, more often threats to women and children are actually at the hands of those we often know their first name and even in the light of day.

​Tips, tools and techniques provided include those we have found to be fitting to use on a drunk uncle or a too friendly service provider. We cover identifying possible danger, setting and upholding boundaries, avoiding potential harm and, of course, defending ourselves should things still go wrong.

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You won't hear us quote statistics or attempt to instill fear as we trust our clients are coming to us for good reason. Even children are able to demonstrate awareness and discretion when presented with positive, solution oriented and empowering information. So we stick just with that - because it works.

 We also expect our clients to be average "Joes and Janes".  It's not necessary to be in or maintain peak physical condition for the tools and techniques provided to be effective or useful. Come as you are and allow us to introduce you to the power you already have and what you can do with it.

What Our Clients Say

KeySlinger Training changed my life! Now I know that's a bold statement, but let me tell you why. I am more safe and secure going and leaving all of my daily activities. Parking garage at work - not a concern anymore. Grocery shopping with my kid - no worries. Not only can my KeySlinger accompany me to and from places it's also discreet and can travel past metal detectors. 


With this training I was able to learn skills I could immediately use after leaving.  The techniques are easily doable for even a petite person, like myself. Thanks to Beating Disaster I enjoy peace of mind and a greater sense of security from being well trained on how to protect myself.”​

Christina, Eastpointe

Are you ready to trade in feeling anxious?  Ill-equipped?  Unprepared?  If you're ready for a change in perspective and the opportunity to fully live your life then it's time for self defense training.  It starts with a 'Click'. 

Training is More Fun with Friends

We can help move the couch or we can squeeze down in the basement.  We will set up at your church, your yoga studio or at your school's gym.  We have specialty training for your profession and can bring it to your place of work.