Businesses & Services We Recommend

Citizen Defense Training


Citizen Defense Training is based out of Rochester and offers group presentations and training relating to school safety, workplace violence, church safety and security, general self defense, firearms and weapons training and more. We especially recommend their Pepper Spray Training which is available to civilians, as well. Certification available.


Detroit Arms LLC


Detroit Arms LLC is located in Chesterfield and offers CPL and firearm related workshops, seminars and training. Find information and connect with resources and referrals in the Metro Detroit area for insurance. Some offerings include introduction to firearms, self defense seminars, and CPL certification.


Citidel Investigations and Protection  Group


Citadel Investigations and Protection Group is based out of Rochester and services the Metro Detroit Area and offers threat assessments, background checks, residential and commercial security assessments, body guard services and protection, and more. This is our recommendation for thorough and up to date background checks as well as services for improving physical security around home and work. 

Health & Healing Chiropractic


Health & Healing Chiropractic specializes in chiropractic services for women and children.  Most important to us, they provide diagnostic care and treatment for children and adults suffering from sensory processing disorder, ADHD, and other contributing factors for fight and flight. Prevent and reduce behavioral issues and concerns by treating the cause of violent episodes and melt downs.


River Trail Counseling Associates

(248) 782-5599

River Trail Counseling Associates is located in Auburn Hills and offers “counseling and expressive arts therapies to families, individuals and children. The impact of trauma leaves the individual in the Fight, Flight, Freeze mode of self-protection.  Therapy at River Trail Counseling Associates, LLC, utilizes current research of Trauma-Informed Therapies. We offer small group work for social/emotional skills focusing on developing self-regulation of emotions and behaviors, communication skills, understanding empathy, and having fun.”


Sacred Oak Counseling, PLCC


Sacred Oak Counseling is located in Saint Clair Shores and offers counseling services to offer support with trauma, PTSD, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and life transitions. They are trained in EMDR therapy ( and as a clinical trauma professional