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Mama Bear PREPARED is comforting content, courses and coaching for moms created by Carrie Conrad, a mom, dedicated defense and prevention expert and founder of Beating Disaster, a Detroit based, specialty school offering niche training,

It came about first through unfortunate life experience that led Carrie's passion of teaching karate to evolve to include teaching defense that's applicable to the often overlooked and unreported causes of harm and later trying to raise her "high needs" child with these skills. 

In teaching self-defense for over a decade, her efforts transitioned to focus on the concerned moms that needed help feeling their kids were safe and raising kids to be PREPARED to live in prevention.


It began with participation in martial arts as a preteen. While most karate enthusiasts casually enjoy lessons as a hobby, through a stroke of luck, Carrie received private instruction and attention from several expert martial artists acknowledged in the Marial Arts Hall of Fame, including SGM Chuck Sullivan, GM Vic Leroux and GM Howard Singer as well as access to regular work outs with incredible practitioners.  

While receiving excellent instruction and noticeable attention in competition, arguably the lessons provided by fellow "father like" martial artists were equally, if not more, valuable. The tips that have proven helpful learned from police officers, bouncers, security officers, bikers and beyond are reflected in the Mama Bear PREPARED content. 

Over the years, the real learning was focused specifically on preventing children from harm, however there aren't certifications to be had or even leaders in those studies.

  • Where do you go to learn to keep your other kids safe from your child with special needs?

  • How do we factor a defiant toddler into our situational awareness and plan for defense?

  • How do we teach our children to be safe when our own family can be the risk?

We can easily find content on "protecting kids" but they teach how to identify when bad things are happening, what to do while they are happening, how we can cope and help our children with the scars, even suggestions for repairing damage. (Mama Bear PREPARED is proudly the first of its kind and the "how to" for avoiding being targeted or harmed in the first place!)

Again, those countless hours and years aren't easily visible. It's much easier to see the efforts put into training in protection and defense, which are incredibly slim in comparison. 

 just as, if not more, valuable. 



5th degree black belt in IKCA Kenpo Karate under SGM Chuck Sullivan and part of the "Sullivan Leroux In-House Crew"

IKCA Kenpo Instructor

Citizen Defense Training Certified

Basic & Advanced Self Defense Instructor

Pepper Spray Instructor

Basic & Advanced Defensive Use of Knife

Civilian TASER

Body for Hire VIP Protection through Hawk East Inc. 

USCCA Certified

Firearms Instructor

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

Emergency First Aid Fundamentals

Stop the Bleed



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Want more laughter? More hope? More peace of mind?

The Mama Bear Membership offers a regular, "feel good" dose of all things empowering, practical and relatable for improving the safety of your family starting now.

Membership gets you
One focused, intentional weekly email providing a shift in perspective from all things scary to where and how we have power and control. 
Weekly FB Lives in an exclusive and private Facebook group get you quick tips that easily make
you realize and accept the badass you are.
Participation in monthly webinars gets you comfortable and confident with the skills needed to k
eep your kiddos safe. 
And all of the above is enjoyed at your leisure. 

Oh, and there's discounts and other incentives, too. We did our best to make this Membership a "no brainer" (the membership is priced less than just the monthly webinar!). And what child couldn't benefit from having a better PREPARED mom?

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