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Can you imagine radiating security knowing you and your kids were PREPARED - all day, every day, and even everywhere?

If you're searching to feel capable and confident in keeping yourself or empowering your kids to be safe, then you've come across that feeling: the terror or the worry, the pleading and desperate hope of not ever experiencing something horrible. But we know it can happen.

Whether you've tried every solution out there or none at all, we make confidence and security a simple and attainable goal you can see and feel with the exact tools and information needed.

Beating Disaster educates and empowers women and children in prevention, protection and defense. We provide focused and relevant online and in person training, courses, coaching and materials to quickly and conveniently get you and/or your kids PREPARED for the world we live in today. 

Our goal is to help you reduce the chances of you or your children ever being victimized or needing to defend yourself or recover from trauma. You deserve to rest assured you are prepared to keep yourself and your children safe. 

What You Really Need to Know


To most, self defense means learning how to fight. Although helpful, "fighting back" means waiting until things get physical. While we teach physical defense, too, we find more value in putting as much or more focus on everything leading up to that point - which is the real stress and worries of life. 

Of course, we appreciate feeling safe in parking lots and going shopping. Of course, we want to go running and visit parks and museums safely. We absolutely need to be sure we can defend ourselves from an attack by a stranger, if necessary. 

But we also and especially need to feel sure and secure in the decisions we make. We need communication tools for setting and upholding boundaries that aren't aggressive and won't ruin relationships or opportunities. We need to feel good about saying, "No" when necessary. We need to feel safe addressing unwanted attention and especially without worrying about retaliation. We deserve to be safe from unsafe family members, co-workers, bosses, teachers or other authority figures - and without the fear of being attacked for simply keeping ourselves safe. Some of us need help being safe from our own children. Overall, we need to be able to feel good about speaking up, leaving, and especially physically defend ourselves and/or our children - when appropriate.   

Safe living is not black and white; it's a whole world of grey. One situation can be safe for one person but completely traumatic for another. There can be a solution that may be ideal for one family but is absolutely not an option for another. Each person is an individual with their own personal concerns, circumstances, values and needs. 

We walk you through the process of creating and deciding simple, intuitive solutions personal to your life and family.

We help you ditch worry, be PREPARED and enjoy life.

Why Beating Disaster

We are professionals passionate about training and coaching women and children, especially mothers, how to be PREPARED to avoid, deflect, deescalate, escape and defend against the real dangers, threats and concerns of today.  
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This is your life, and you have the privilege of choosing how to live it.  We educate to see the choices you have and help guide and empower you to make ones right for you. We meet you exactly where you are and arm you with the information and tools necessary for you to be confident, safe and secure. ​

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​​Tips, tools and techniques provided include those we have found to be fitting to use on a drunk uncle, even a pastor, or a too friendly service provider. We train and provide training specifically on the stuff we know you need to know with tools and techniques appropriate for every body type and ability.

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We are educated and experienced in weapons, personal protection, combat, and martial arts, as well as in childhood development, parental abuse, connection and community, recovery and prevention in human trafficking, addiction and alcoholism, domestic abuse and violence, healing bullies and the bullied, and so much more of the many more common causes and cures of trauma and harm.​

What Our Clients Say

KeySlinger Training changed my life! Now I know that's a bold statement, but let me tell you why. I am more safe and secure going and leaving all of my daily activities. Parking garage at work - not a concern anymore. Grocery shopping with my kid - no worries. Not only can my KeySlinger accompany me to and from places it's also discreet and can travel past metal detectors. 


With this training I was able to learn skills I could immediately use after leaving.  The techniques are easily doable for even a petite person, like myself. Thanks to Beating Disaster I enjoy peace of mind and a greater sense of security from being well trained on how to protect myself.”​

Eastpointe, MI
Eastpointe, MI
Mom and Son

Want to be PREPARED to make your home, your shopping and your kids' school more safe?

The awesome part about training mothers specifically is that's how to make the most impact on our world.

For every mother we train it means every grocery store, neighborhood and school you visit becomes safer just because you care enough to be present and PREPARED for your children. Looking out for yourself and your kids has a trickle effect everywhere you go. If you raise your children to live in prevention and with life changing skills and information that means your grandchildren will take preparation into the world with them, too. 

With an investment in training, you not only increase your own safety and that of your children, but also your neighborhood, your child's school, and anywhere you go. This is one way we can and will make a difference in the world we live in today. 

We are privileged to empower mothers with a sense of pride, confidence, purpose and security.

Are you ready to join us?

Get the right kind of "self defense"!

Part of being PREPARED for Beating Disaster means being ready for physical defense. Self Defense means different things to different people in different industries.

We created a guide with all the things you need to know
about all things considered "self defense".

We ask the right questions to help you confidently and intentionally pick the right kind of self defense for your concerns, values, needs, preferences and lifestyle.
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