Can you imagine feeling confident you and your kids were safe and PREPARED - all day, every day, and even everywhere?

Staying safe is absolutely simple and attainable with the right tools and information. 

Beating Disaster educates and empowers mothers and children through training in prevention, protection and defense.  We conveniently provide focused and relevant suggestions and materials to get you and your kids PREPARED to confidently live in prevention so you can ditch worry and start enjoying life today.    

Be Introduced to Your Power!


Imagine noticing someone following you around the store and not being concerned about it.  What if you were able to address and stop unwanted attention - even from a boss or friend's husband - and without worrying about backlash?  What if you felt safe attending night classes or picking up extra cash working the night shift?  How relieved would you be if you could just get into your car with your children without stressing? 

What if you could safely assist your child through a meltdown or outburst?  And keep everyone safe during sibling rivalry?  Or maybe you have a loved one struggling with addiction, dementia or other mental health concerns that causes safety concerns? What if you could set boundaries with your mother in law or even your ex?  And be absolutely sure your kids are safe at school or with the nanny or babysitter - without a nanny cam?

You deserve the freedom of all of the above and more.

So many expect and accept women and children experience trauma and need therapists and help recovering from life experiences. What a nightmare! Beating Disaster provides what you and your children need to know about becoming unlikely and difficult targets from the actual harm women and children experience, which happens not only at the hands of strangers but also acquaintances and even friends or family. 

Your family deserves to be safe from harm.  

There's no protection like prevention.  Ditch worry.  Be PREPARED.  Enjoy life. 

Why Beating Disaster

We are professionals passionate about training and coaching mothers and children how to be PREPARED to avoid, deflect, deescalate, escape and defend against real dangers, threats and concerns.  
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This is your life, and you have the privilege of choosing how to live it.  We educate to see the choices you have and help guide and empower you to make ones right for you. We meet you exactly where you are and arm you with the information and tools necessary for you to be confident, safe and secure. ​

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​​Tips, tools and techniques provided include those we have found to be fitting to use on a drunk uncle, even a pastor, or a too friendly service provider. We train and provide training specifically on the stuff we know you need to know with tools and techniques appropriate for every body type and ability.

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We are educated and experienced in weapons, personal protection, combat, and martial arts, as well as in childhood development, parental abuse, connection and community, recovery and prevention in human trafficking, addiction and alcoholism, domestic abuse and violence, healing bullies and the bullied, and so much more of the many more common causes of trauma and harm.​

What Our Clients Say

KeySlinger Training changed my life! Now I know that's a bold statement, but let me tell you why. I am more safe and secure going and leaving all of my daily activities. Parking garage at work - not a concern anymore. Grocery shopping with my kid - no worries. Not only can my KeySlinger accompany me to and from places it's also discreet and can travel past metal detectors. 


With this training I was able to learn skills I could immediately use after leaving.  The techniques are easily doable for even a petite person, like myself. Thanks to Beating Disaster I enjoy peace of mind and a greater sense of security from being well trained on how to protect myself.”​

Eastpointe, MI
Eastpointe, MI
Mom and Son

Want to be sure to pick the right kind of self defense for you?

Self Defense means different things to different people.


We put together a guide with everything you didn't know you needed to know about self defense training.

Ask the right questions to confidently and intentionally pick the right kind of self defense for your values, needs, preferences and lifestyle.

Are you ready to BE PREPARED so you can fully live your life?