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Do you ever experience crippling anxiety trying to raise children with all that goes on in the world we live in today?

Maybe you had horrible experiences as a child and want to prevent your child from sharing them. Maybe your child is struggling with their own experiences right now. Or maybe you just can't feel safe in public or around other people because of all that you know is out there. 

The Mama Bear PREPARED Membership offers a journey to Confidence and Security!

This membership gives you the assurance you are doing all that's in your power to not only keep your kids safe also but raise your children with skills that we weren't taught growing up. 
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The Mama Bear Membership is NOT for Every Mom

> This is not for the mom who wears worrying like a badge of honor.

> This is not for the mother that thinks karate, kickboxing or carrying a weapon is a cure all.

> This is not for the mom that chooses to only see a scary world filled with bad people.

> This is not for the mother that accepts being a victim.

> This is for the mom that is willing to put in effort to prevent harm.


> This is for the mother that takes responsibility to do the best possible by her kids.

> This is for the mom that wants to see her children develop and demonstrate skills that show they're PREPARED.

> This is for the mom that wants to focus on where she has power.

Find feel good and lasting solutions to what keeps us worried and up at night.

Become Mama Bear PREPARED with content, resources, conversation prompts, exercises and games for you and your family to share.

These tools allow us to build and nurture a foundation as appropriate for being PREPARED to prevent, avoid and address concerns like bullying, trafficking, abduction, grooming, abusive relationships, assault, sexual assault, sibling rivalry, self-harm, active shooters, mean girls, harmful friendships, unsafe relatives and adults - to name a few. 

What is this Membership?


You already are a Mama Bear and likely incredibly more capable than you realize. 

This Membership enables you to be PREPARED with... 

🐻 A Shift in Mindset from all that's Scary to What Can Be Done About It

🐻 Clarity on Where and How We Have Power and Influence

🐻 The Materials for Building the Skillset for Intentional, Strategic Action, and

🐻 The Community for the Courage to Take the Action our Intuition Tells Us is Right


Grocery Shopping


Tammy, mama to Miya (4) and Sterling (2), hated getting wilted and mushy produce from online delivery services, but she didn't feel safe taking her young children shopping. Now she enjoys Starbucks and the learning opportunities available for her kids at the store while getting the right items and in the best condition.

Playground Tunnel


Claire preferred to stay home because of frustration and embarrassment about her son hitting kids on the playground as well as the terror of him bolting away from her every chance he got. Now she gladly accepts play date invitations since she has a dialogue she’s comfortable with and tools for not only redirecting the behavior but she’s seeing how the experience is helping them both move through the stage quickly.

Playing with Baby


The only other person Brittney trusted with her children was her husband. She was an overwhelmed, overstimulated stay at home mom that never accepted help, not even from family or friends, because she just doesn’t feel safe leaving her children with anyone. Now she is better able to be the mom she wants to be because she enjoys date nights with her husband, doctors appointments during her husband's work hours and even solo trips to the salon. She feels good taking the time for herself, is confident in the person providing care for her children, and trusts that both her and her children are unlikely targets for harm.  

Outdoor Dinner


Holidays were a struggle for Joy. She would feel pressured into doing too much and staying too long for family events. She felt guilty about how hard it was on her kids, but despite constant resolves, she just kept repeating the same cycle ending with her children overstimulated and overwhelmed and everyone burnt out. She just felt it was better to keep the peace. Now Joy feels not only comfortable but good about turning down opportunities. She thought it would be a strain on her marriage, but it actually turned out to improve not only her marriage but also her relationship with her mother-in-law. That was unexpected!

Water Slide Splash


Her kids love it, but Jessica would be anxious and then snappy at her kids when going to their local splash pad. The behavior of some people's kids really upset her. She was afraid to be too Mama Bear and hated conflict with other parents, but she also didn't want her kids pushed around and getting hurt either. The older kids can be so rough! Now when they go, Jessica is able to be the observant and present parent she wants to be for her kids. She feels good about giving them to space to practice speaking up for themselves. She loves especially watching her more timid four-year-old successfully using "stop signs' and refusing to let bigger kids take his toys from him.

School Students


 Cindy was considering homeschooling, despite being sure it wasn’t the right fit for their family, because of the crippling anxiety experienced every time there was a message from her daughter’s school - whether for a drill or actual lockdown. Now she can confidently drop her daughter off and even be without communication and still feel peaceful because she trusts the strengths of the school's protocols and procedures and knows her daughter has “a plan she plans to use” for where it lacks. Cindy is also actively encouraging changes to be made that are in alignment with what feels best to her about Safety at Schools.

Are you ready to ditch doubt, terror and worry?

With benefits that last long beyond the membership, you can have a new attitude and outlook along with a future of confidence, freedom and choices. 

🐻 Instead of generational trauma, we can pass down healing and connection.

🐻 We can develop skills and tools alongside our children for creating safe relationships.

🐻 We can watch our children grow up to be capable, responsible adults.

🐻 Enjoy daily Conversations, Laughter and Games last all through childhood and beyond. 

🐻 And the Assurance and Confidence in ourself, our intuition and our abilities is priceless.

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