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Working from Home

Basic Shield

🐻Expansive Resource Library 

🐻 Regular Transformational Emails 

🐻 Exclusive Access to a Private FB Group

🐻 Weekly Informative FB Lives 

🐻 20% off Gift Certificates

🐻 10% off Merchandise

🐻 Special Pricing on Private Coaching

($149 instead of Reg $199)

The Basic Shield ($29/mo value)


🐻 Mama Bear PREPARED Online Trainings

(Reg 79+/ea for limited access)

*One course offered every month*

🐻 Priceless Downloads to Keep ($249+ value)

🐻 Participation in Public Webinars & Online Trainings (29+/ea)

Unavailable at This Time
Mother and Daughter Love

Tailored Transformational
Coaching Program

A 6 Week Journey to Confidence & Security

🐻 Access to 1 Online Course ($79)

🐻 Six 1:1 Coaching Sessions ($1,194)

🐻 Up to 3 Q & A Sessions ($375)

🐻 Mama Bear PREPARED Tee Shirt ($28)

🐻 Lifetime Basic Shield Access ($10k+)

Limited Availability & Exclusive Opportunity

$1,194 (Optional 4 payments 298.50)

Mama Bear PREPARED Trainings


🐻 PREPARED: Everything Moms need to be ready to be ready 🐻

🐻 PREPARED Children: Empowering Children with a Safety Plan they plan to use 🐻

🐻 Raising Nonviolent Children: Stay safe and help your child replace behaviors with communication🐻

🐻 Bodyguard Training for Moms: Learn to Use ALL of your baby gear in self defense 🐻

🐻 PREPARED for Dating Safely: A Must for Single Moms and Moms of Teens 🐻

🐻 The PREPARED Student: Feel safe with your Kids at school 🐻

What Moms Say about the Membership

Beaded Necklace

Nicole, Mother to Sasha (6)

This was so motivating! Every day was a gentle reminder that I am a complete badass. I am capable and with this information I know exactly where and how to spend time with my daughter so she feels the same. No more worrying. No more guilt.

Mother and Two Kids

Grace, Mother to Reena (12) & Jason (7)

In just the first week it's made me feel better already. Thank you for allowing me the space to reframe situations and concerns with a new point of view.

Mother with her Child

Sandra, Mother to Rosalie (2)

I had no idea! As a new mom most of this blows my mind. I would have never considered these things. I definitely feel more prepared for what's to come. It feels good to know where you're going and especially why.

Get Private Coaching for..

✔️ Addressing Bullying 

✔️ Deescalating Kids& Others

✔️ Creating Policy Changes at School

✔️ Safely Getting In and Out of the Car 

✔️ Protecting Physical and Emotional Space 

✔️ Picking the Right Tool or Weapon for Defense

✔️ Managing Tantrums, Explosions or Difficult Behavior

✔️ Creating and Setting Boundaries with Family

✔️ Avoiding & Preventing Unsafe Situations 

✔️ Saying 'No' and Feeling Good about It

✔️ Getting Cooperation from Children

✔️ Picking a Safe Dojo or Trainer

✔️ Negotiating with Others 

& More

Get the Most Out of Coaching

Conveniently schedule coaching sessions through a simple tool where you will be asked for your concerns and offered topics. 

After scheduling but before your session, you may be provided a link or download with helpful information and tools for your review. This gives you the opportunity to try different solutions before your session to get the most out of it. And/or you may also receive a questionnaire or a list of suggestions, so you, again, have the opportunity to be investing in solutions before your session. 

Should you choose not to review the module or lists or even answer the questionnaire before your session, NO WORRIES.

You are expected to be a mother, which means you are busy and our job, hope and goal is to be helpful and increase your family's safety. We are confident we can absolutely do that as long as you show up. 

Working with Carrie

Businesswoman in Office

Jamyia, Mother to Lashay (8)

I initially was worried that maybe I wasn't peaceful enough for this to be a good fit, but it was always all about my values, my beliefs, my feelings, my needs. Carrie was so safe and supportive and sympathetic of my concerns, even my unsavory ideas for handling them myself. She didn't pretend to understand my family's struggles with racism at my kids school and that alone was ... safe. I just felt safe. I feel more safe. I'm so relieved to have more safe in my life, especially for my kids.

Mother Daughter Portrait

Lily, Mother to Iris (4)

Bodyguard Training for Moms helped me feel more in control during my pregnancy, and Carrie was hilarious helping me with my baby gear. Not only did that make my baby shower list easy, I feel like I laughed my way into become a Charlie's Angel! Her gentle but direct communication is really helpful, too, and the humor is so necessary with some of these topics. Maybe it was just pregnancy hormones though.

Eating Donuts

Sandra, Mother to Rosalie (6)

I don't even know where to start. It's so lonely raising a child that is misunderstand and rejected by society.  Explaining bruises, being judged by therapists - it's all hard. We have been through so much and this was a last-ditch effort before an inpatient facility. Raising Nonviolent Children completely changed our lives, and I can't even put into words what Carrie's patience and understanding and support did for me and my family.

2 Purpose (2).png
You're already a Mama Bear and capable of amazing things, but this membership makes you Mama Bear PREPARED:

🐻 Feel confident and empowered in the clarity of having and maintaining the right mindset.
🐻 Enjoy the security of simple, realistic plans for meeting safety and security related goals.
🐻 Celebrate, be encouraged and share with a village of support for taking action.

Get what you need to own the Presence of your Power and use the Power of your Presence to influence and make all the difference in the world.
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