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5 Popular Self Defense Myths

You think you know how to keep yourself safe. But what if you're mistaken?

Self defense and safety are what we read, breathe and sleep. We are constantly challenging beliefs, trying every and any technique to see whether or not it works. This is what we do, day and night. All of the time when someone hears we do self defense, they open up with how they keep themselves safe. And we used to struggle trying to figure out how to communicate with them the possibility that their chosen tactics might not work.

That was then and this is now. First things first, if you're considering your safety and creating plans of action for unsafe and/or potentially unsafe situations - that's awesome because a "faulty" plan is better than no plan at all. However, we've come a long way and understand we just ask some basic questions to help you improve your personal Safety Plans.

You're good because you carry a weapon.

Are you trained in the use and carrying of the weapon of choice, meaning from where and how to carry it and taking it out all the way to actually using it? Have you considered whether or not you're willing to use it? Are you trained in retention? Are you aware how often women have their own weapon taken from them and used on them?

You're safe because you take karate.

Are you willing to use karate on your pastor, chiropractor and/or best friend's husband? Are you aware that women are often unwilling to fight people we know? Or that women most often don't consider eye gouging and other life altering techniques appropriate or an option for the need to defend ourselves against people we know by first name?

You plan to kick 'em in the groin.

Do you realize many crimes are committed by repeat offenders? Do you think that an aggressor won't be expecting that? Do you know how easy it is to knock someone over while attempting a kick? Did you know that inflicting pain on a person under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs and/or alcohol may not hurt them? What about even just adrenaline?

You keep wasp or bear spray on hand.

Are you familiar with the distance which those are used? Can you explain why it's on hand? Do you think you will identify a potential threat and be willing to spray that person from 20 or so feet away? Are you aware of the warning labels and the potential charges that you can accrue for using poisons and pesticides on a human being?

You walk with keys between your fingers.

Do you realize how painful it is to strike an object with sharp metal in between multiple fingers? Do you understand that with pressure your keys will be pushed into your hand? If you are able to make effective contact, are you comfortable with blood? Have you considered them being taken from you? Do you have a plan for if you lose your keys?

If you haven't already, please check out the offerings for prevention, protection and defense specifically for mothers and children by Beating Disaster. Our Basic and Advanced Self Defense Classes compliment any training you may already have taken and is grounded in real life concerns for mothers and children - which is not getting into fights but rather avoiding, evading and escaping danger (which may be at the hands of someone we know). If you have questions or concerns, connect with us.

Our favorite part of our training is that it's set up for you to be motivated to take it again and again. These are skills which are developed. That means it's made to be an investment in yourself that keeps paying off. We encourage training to be repeated at least annually, and we offer opportunities for you to repeat training, again and again, for FREE. We also conveniently bring training to you.

What are some common self defense tips you've found were ineffective or unrealistic?

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