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Choosing the Right Tool for Self Defense

Firearms, pepper spray and tasers - Oh, my!

If you have a toolbox filled with hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers – which tool is the best? It depends on the job. You don’t want a wrench to put in a nail, and you don’t want a hammer for a screw. Choosing the right self defense tool depends on you, your lifestyle, your situation and your needs.

A few things to consider

What is and is not legal in your state? We do not want to save our lives using a tool that is going to just end us up in prison. Do not rely on a multi-level marketing company or salesperson for information. Find out from appropriate sources, like local authorities or lawyers. If you are in Michigan you can read Michigan’s law’s here…

Are you willing/able to get a CCW/CPL permit? You often need a CPL to concealed carry a firearm and even a taser; this is true for Michigan. If CPL training is something you are interested in be sure you are qualified as well as are investing in legitimate training that meets the legal requirements.

Detroit Arms

Provides affordable, thorough and convenient CCW/CPL training in the metro Detroit area. Their FAQs page can help to determine if you qualify for the permit.

How much training are you willing to take? You are only as good as your training. Period. Whether you choose to carry a firearm or a kubaton – without training it’s not realistic to expect it to be very useful or effective for you. Training in weapon retention is also necessary. We need to be able to hang on to the tool we have brought into a dangerous situation otherwise it can and often will be used against us. Always assume your attacker is going to be bigger and stronger than you.

Citizen Defense Training

Offers Pepper Spray, Defensive Use of a Knife, Batons, TASER, Weapons Retention, Weapons Disarming and Firearms Training.

Do you have children? How old are your children? Do you need to worry about button loving little people? Or are your children old enough to have their own training and education on what you choose to carry? Because you know the child safety features only work to keep us adults from using an item.

Where do you spend a lot of your time? Hospitals, casinos, courthouses, schools and daycares, bars, sports arenas and theaters - are some places where firearms are not permitted. Some of these places along with border crossings and traveling often prohibit many items that are considered weapons - including pepper spray and kitty key chains.

Beating Disaster

Provides an Improvised Weapons Training as well as KeySlinger Training - training on using a legal and discreet key chain which enables keys to be used as a tool for self defense.

Hopefully these questions have been thought provoking and the recommendations for training helpful. You can download a quick comparison guide for popular self defense tools by clicking here.

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