Dating Safely: Keeping Private Information Private

So, we are ready to be dating online, and we have made the decision and are willing to do it safely. The purpose of the suggestions in this specific article is to keep our private information private. We don’t want to provide anything that allows a person to find us when we don’t want to be found.

Keep the mindset that all of these people viewing our profile online are complete STRANGERS. We have never met them. We don’t know anything about them. And we don’t even know if they are even safe, available or moderately attractive, so keep your private information private until you consciously and intentionally choose to share it.

Create an Email & Phone Number. It’s ideal to make an email account and phone number with limited or false information specifically for dating. Then when you sign up for your dating site, you can use an email linked only to this dating account. If you create a Google Voice number, for example, that number won’t be attached to anything other than the information you provide for it.

Make a Generic Profile. List the county you live in or use the zip code for a nearby city instead. You can always widen the miles of your search to encompass a further distance, if desired. Also, generalize your career: “Finance”, “Healthcare” or “Fitness” are all appropriate answers. Same with information about your children keep it all general: “I have kids in grade school”, etc. Use Safe Pictures. It’s ideal to take pictures specifically for and only used in your dating profile, as images can be searched online, too. Pay attention to what’s in the background. Look for identifying information. Omit pictures wearing clothing with company, school, gym, team or children’s school information on it. Block out your children’s faces in photographs – or do not use them. You may love yo

ur car or have a favorite coffee place, but it doesn’t need to be pictured. Communicate Using the App. No matter how inconvenient, use the messaging, call feature and video chat through the dating site (Be mindful of what is in the background when doing a video chat, too). It’s much easier to block a profile on the dating site than to change your number, block someone on social media, or get a restraining order. I don’t recommend giving out any private information until after at least one face to face date.

Prep Generic Answers. Have generic answers ready for basic questions so when someone asks more about work you can say something like, “I work for a bank/hospital/gym”. Have a secondary general answer ready for if they ask further, like: “I provide training”. With effort we can be honest without being revealing. If they ask for more details we can tell them we are happy to share more in person and when appropriate.

So far we've set the foundation and made the decision to put our safety first - no matter how inconvenient, and we've created and prepped the needed information for a safe online presence. Check out the blog next article for how to qualify candidates before agreeing to meet.

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