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Do you feel embarrassed, hopeless or powerless over your child's behavior?

Have the parenting methods and "no fail" tricks you tried made things worse? Are friends and family - even therapists - giving you unhelpful input on what they think you need to do for your kid to behave better? Do you wonder if maybe someone else could better parent your child?

To the exhausted, confused and struggling parent...
We offer Hope, Relief & Solutions that make changes starting TODAY.

Raising Nonviolent Children is changing lives, and it's available to Mama Bear PREPARED members and/or with the 6 Week Transformation Coaching Program.
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Whether Your Child is 2 or 22,

Raising Nonviolent Children will help you...


✔️ Keep Yourself Safe

✔️ Protect Other Children

✔️Create Personalized Safety Plans

✔️ Have a Positive, Solution Oriented Mindset

✔️Help Your Child Replace Behaviors with Communication

✔️ Get Clarity on Causes & Contributors

✔️ Gain a Sense of Hope & Control

✔️ Access Peace of Mind

This relieved me of my guilt, and that's a big deal. Not only can I get along with my child now, but I actually enjoy him. I like my kid after this! I'm excited to interact with him, and my child that usually fights me told me he loved me after I addressed a key safety concern with him.


Mother to Easton, Age 2

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the methodology here?

This content is everything we have found to make violence unnecessary. Expect Nonviolent Communication, effective peaceful parenting strategies, connection seeking, discipline without punishment and simple, firm, feel good boundaries. Solutions presented are for you to personalize to fit your family's values, lifestyle and needs.

Do I have to have the support of my partner for this to work?

No.  While that is ideal and awesome, this material is "realistic" - meaning life is in session. You can only work with what you've got, and, in fact, you can use these compassionate, respectful, communication tools on your partner and other children (even your mother in law), for improvement there, too.

What if my child has special needs?

We have yet to find a person or circumstance where respect, compassion, connection and clear, loving boundaries have not been effective. 

Are you ready to see results you feel good about?

Be introduced to the Presence of your Power and the Power of your Presence. 

Join us for a lighthearted, fun and solution-oriented transition into being and feeling secure, confident, capable and PREPARED to stay safe while helping your child identify their needs and replace unsafe and difficult behavior with healthy, effective communication. 
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