The training we offer is unlike any you have taken elsewhere.  We are focused on meeting you where you are and respectfully introducing you to tools you are willing and able to use. But what we think about our training isn't as important as our clients' experiences and perspective, so see what others have to say.  You can also find more comments and testimonials on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BeatingDisaster.


KeySlinger Training changed my life! Now I know that's a bold statement, but let me tell you why. I am more safe and secure going and leaving all of my daily activities. Parking garage at work - not a concern anymore. Grocery shopping with my kid - no worries. Not only can my KeySlinger accompany me to and from places it's also discreet and can travel past metal detectors. 


With this training I was able to learn skills I could immediately use after leaving.  The techniques are easily doable for even a petite person, like myself. Thanks to Beating Disaster I enjoy peace of mind and a greater sense of security from being well trained on how to protect myself.”​
Christina, Eastpointe​


“I finally have peace with my trauma after attending the Basic Self Defense course through Beating Disaster.  The instructor demonstrated phenomenal hands on learning skills and provided me the set of skills I was hoping to get after taking this course.  I'm beyond grateful that I got to experience this! I will definitely be coming back to learn more.  I finally feel safe in my own skin.”​
Kyla, Mount Clemens​


“After the Basic Self Defense and KeySlinger Self Defense Training I feel much better about my daughter walking to and from school.”​
Kristen, Ann Arbor​


“Thank you, Beating Disaster! The Basic and Advanced Self Defense Training was exactly what I needed to move on.  I now know what I am capable of.  It was incredibly empowering to actually defend myself from the instructor - a big guy.  A couple years ago after I left my abusive ex I had been afraid of everything, but after the KeySlinger Training and now carrying my KeySlinger with me everywhere I  have been able to start really living. I'm glad my therapist so strongly suggested this. I don't even know how to express the freedom, strength and peace I feel. I can't recommend these classes enough.”​
Samantha, Port Huron


“I feel empowered after taking the Basic Self Defense Training with Beating Disaster.  I was incredibly impressed with the tools offered and left with a new perspective.  I feel confident I can protect myself and my children. I am excited to continue and learn more taking the advanced training!”​
Paige, Grosse Pointe​


“My wife and I learned more than expected by taking Raising Nonviolent Children.  Melt downs are regularly avoided because of this course. Our 8 year old son is growing bigger and stronger, and we were getting more and more worried. It's hard thinking you are alone; it's not like people just talk about how to protect themselves and their family from their own children. Because of taking this my wife feels more in control and safe at home, and I'm relieved we have hope, tips and tools for keeping everyone in our family safe.”​
Sean, Clarkston


“I feel like a legit badass after taking the Bodyguard Training for Moms. This was such a fun and great experience to share with my Mommy Group.”​
Heather, Lansing


Beating Disaster was a very helpful and informative presentation. I'm glad my work had them come in. I feel much better about doing in home visits.”​

Emily, Pontiac​


“I've been so relieved since my kids took the P.R.E.P.A.R.E.D. Kids Training!  My 5 year old tells everyone about her Safety Plan, and I saw my 7 year old use a stop sign on a man at the grocery store.  She's the quiet one and this training gave her the words and the voice to speak up. That moment definitely solidified that this was exactly what we were looking for. The suggested books and games have been incredibly helpful, too.  I'm proud of my kids, and I couldn't be happier to see their growing confidence and willingness to speak up thanks to Beating Disaster."​
Elizabeth, Dearborn


Basic Self Defense Training was an amazing learning experience.”​
Lesley, Roseville​


“The Basic Self Defense was exactly what I wanted my daughter and her friends to know.  I'm so glad our dance team did this.
Rachel, Shelby Township


“My son's therapists office hosted Raising Nonviolent Children and recommended we attend. What a game changer to see and know where I have control. I am definitely more prepared and less worried about the bad days.”​
Rebecca, Troy


“I'm not sure what I expected I would learn in the Basic Self Defense class, but I knew I didn't feel safe in my ability to protect myself and needed it.  I learned what self defense really is.  I assumed weapons were the answer, but I wasn't aware of the consequences of the ones I would have thought to use. I learned I have other options, and I feel confident I can protect myself and feel safer now. I recommend this class to anyone looking to feel more safe in their everyday life, and I am absolutely planning on taking another class from here.”​

Khristine, St. Clair Shores​


“I have taken many self defense classes through police departments, gyms, at dojos, etc. I'm a CPL holder and trained in using firearms, too. It's important to me to be able to protect myself and my family. The Basic and Advanced Self Defense through Beating Disaster were definitely different.  It wasn't as physical as some other trainings I've taken. But this definitely covered aspects that are paramount and pertinent for one to defend themselves. I can't believe I haven't heard some of this stuff before. Great information and appropriate for both entry level and experienced persons."

Pat, Monroe


"Beating Disaster was very informative.  Some of it was so simple. You think this stuff would be obvious, but I definitely needed to be told and asked these questions for sure. Everyone really needs this. I can't believe how easy these suggestions are to implement. These guys sure know what they're doing.  I want my whole family to take hands on training with them.”​
Natalie, Novi