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PREPARED in Prevention

We have yet to meet a mom that hasn't needed this, and it's perfect to share with your teenagers.


This is the foundation for living in prevention that most everyone lacks. 

Even if you're crazy into everything safety, this is what you didn't' know you needed to know about being PREPARED.  Learn to embody the traits and skills that lead to becoming an unlikely and difficult target for harm. 

Your family, your girl scout group, your class, events - anywhere everyone is seated, that's what this is for.



Presentations & Workshops,

Mama Bear Membership.

One Time or Series

PREPARED in Prevention, Become a Hardened Target

Raising NONVIOLENT Children

This is for you, mom, to help your toddler or high needs child of any age. 

Have a plan you plan to use when the unsafe behaviors are at the hands of your own kids!

This is to help you help your children identify their needs and replace unsafe or difficult behaviors with healthy, effective communication. Of course, you'll learn to keep yourself and others safe, but even better, as always, you will learn all that's in your power to prevent your child's outburst, meltdowns, explosions or tantrums. 


Online Course,

Private & Group Coaching,

Presentations & Workshops,

In Person, Hands on Training,

One Time or Series

Raising Nonviolent Children, Compassionate Feel Good Solutions that Work
Bodyguard Training for Moms, Prevention & Protection

Bodyguard Training for Moms

Take this with (or without - if you can get a sitter!) babies & toddlers. 

Create a strategic process for staying safe with little ones! Preparation, prevention and pre-planning relating to all of your gear, getting in and out of the car and so much more. Learn to assess relationships and situations for potential concerns. Address environmental awareness and learn to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations or people. Learn avoidance, de-escalation and exit strategies. Practice communication skills. Decide personal boundaries and how to use what you already carry in defense. Have an understanding of where and how you have control of your and your children's safety when out in the world.

Online Course,

Private & Group Coaching,

In Person, Hands on Training,

One Time or Series

PREPARED Children, Raising our Children to be Hardened Targets


This is for you to learn to support your kids, and it can be taken alongside your child(ren) under 10. 

How do we raise our children to be safe in this crazy world today?!

We raise them to be PREPARED in prevention. Gain the skills, tools and tips needed to play your way into safe living. Help your child build an unshakeable foundation in living in prevention so they can go out and enjoy all that is beautiful in the world. Empower your child with a Safety Plan they plan to use.

Online Course,

Private & Group Coaching,

Presentations & Workshops,

One Time or Series

PREPAED Children

Better Than Self Defense

Perfect for you and/or to share with your kiddos 8+.

Whether you've never taken a self defense class, have a black belt, or even if you rock weapons, this will compliment and exponentially improve what you've already got going on. As always, the focus is on prevention, avoidance and de-escalation with tools appropriate to use on literally anyone - even your own mom, if necessary. You don't have to mess up your hair if you don't want to, but either way, when you leave you will be better able to avoid, evade and escape traumatic experiences. 

This is great for your family, your cheer squad, everyone at your dance or yoga studio, your friends - anyone Ages 8 to 108 of ANY fitness or skill level.

Online Course,

In Person, Hands on Training

One Time or Series

hands on self defense training
keyslinger self defense training

KeySlinger Training

Take this for yourself and/or with your children driving age and up!

What's a KeySlinger? It's our dirty little secret!


It's not actually dirty or a secret; it's just fun and amazing. Even better, it's completely practical. We tell you about it in person because we love watching your eyes light up in excitement at it's simplicity and effectiveness. This is such an empowering training it will change the way you carry yourself making it clear that you've got it going on.

Add this to any in person offering, public or private, or request just this to come to you.

In Person, Hands on Training

One Time Training



We have found over the years that this is the best way to serve. It also allows us to bring the same great information to moms through different avenues as well as meet varying degrees of needs. One mom might just need some good information in order to prevent harm coming their way, but another mom may be knee deep in the darkness and horrors of horrible experiences and need a little or even intense support.


We think so. In each of the different ways we share on the same topic, focus and additional content is put on different areas. It's all the same great information; we just dive deeper and elaborate further on different parts in the different offerings.


Absolutely! We love to travel and can bring any of these offerings anywhere in the United States. 

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