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All offerings can be taken either public or private; and some are even available online.  Take one or all - each is different from the other and all are excellent compliments. 

Though the majority of what we do is private training, we keep regular public offerings available UPON REQUEST.  If you want to take a public class but don't see it on the calendar, submit a request and we will add it! 

A 6 week journey to confidence and security!

All the things you didn't know you could do something about. Get the mindset, motivation and materials needed to have legitimate assurance your babies are safe. This course has 4 separate offerings to be sure to give each the focus and attention needed and deserved:

          Littles Ones (4&Under)

          Elementary (5-10)

          Tweens & Teens (11+) 

          High Needs (for the child that is and needs more) 

This online offering includes prevention, protection and defense from unsafe situations in general but also specific concerns from school, the playground and even in our homes and among "friends". Even though mothers today are faced with new and unique challenges, it's possible to be PREPARED to ditch worry and sleep well! 

Online Course.  


This is an offering appropriate for everyone. 

PREPARED is the foundation that many lack - experience in self defense or not.  We cover what you didn't' know you needed to know as a woman about general self defense (or a specific threat or safety related topic).  We include tips and tools that anyone can use (no matter any special needs or limitations) on mental preparation, prevention, decision making and communication.

Your family, your girl scout group, your class, events - anywhere everyone is seated, that's what this is for. 

Interactive Lecture.  Online or In Person

PREPARED (1).png

Great for not only the average Jane but also for the fighters - the boxers, the karate masters and grapplers - and even the weapon wielders.

Two hours of basic self defense - not karate, not fitness but self defense. Whether you've never taken a class or taken many, even as a fighter or weapon wielder, this will compliment and exponentially improve what you've already got going on with self defense. You don't have to mess up your hair if you don't want to, but either way, when you leave you will be better able to avoid, escape and survive dangerous situations. 

This is great for your family, your cheer squad, everyone at your dancer or yoga studio, your friends - anyone Ages 8 to 108 of ANY fitness or skill level.

Hands on, in person training.

PREPARED (2).png

Ideal for anyone driving age and up that carries keys.

It's our dirty little secret! Although it's not actually dirty or a secret; it's just fun and amazing.  We tell you about it in person because we love watching your eyes light up in excitement at it's simplicity and effectiveness. 

Add this to any in person hands on training, public or private, or request just this to come to you privately.

Hands on, in person training. 

PREPARED (3).png

This is for anyone that wants to prove it.

Six hours of training on more than just the basics. We create a safe and respectful environment for practical application of the essentials of self defense. You're going to have the opportunity to get roughed up a bit - with your permission, of course (It's not mandatory but strongly suggested) and get assignments to work outside the class.  This is a 2 or 3 session series for you to develop real world responses under pressure.

This class is the only offering that is not appropriate for some. You don't need to be in great shape, but you do need to be mobile to benefit from some exercises and activities.  

Hands on, in person training.

PREPARED (4).png

We understand if you want or need undivided attention.

Whether you have taken all of the above training or even just one of them - get one on one time.  Get help troubleshooting tools or techniques, have a private Q&A, or get assistance creating a personal Safety Plan.  We can also set up some time in person to go FULL THROTTLE with an instructor or two. Whatever you need.  Whether one session or a series, we've got you!

Private Coaching - Online.

Private, Hands On Training - In Person.

PREPARED (5).png

 We know how to party!  We can set up a booth, give away freebies and maybe even bring some swag. 

Count on us for entertainment, a feeling of security and potentially lifesaving information to the attendees of your event. We provide KeySlinger demonstrations and will hold a raffle for FREE participation in KeySinger Self Defense Training for someone at your event.  One or two instructors will have equipment and be available for questions and interactions with your people.  We attend parenting conferences, wellness events, pop up shops, moms' events, farmers' market - you name it. 

We offer as much or as little information and training as you want.  From an interactive lecture with an introduction to general everyday safety all the way to hands on training including escaping a trained attacker - get what you need to ditch worry, be PREPARED and enjoy life. 
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